Zofia Białynicka-Birula

Professor Emeritus


Email: bialyn@ifpan.edu.pl
Phone: (+48)(22) 843 70 01 ext. 3269
Fax : (+48)(22) 843 09 26
Room : VIII - P4

My scientific interests focused mainly on the following topics:

1960-1965 Elementary particles theory – weak interactions: description of unstable particles, radiative muon decay, contact neutrino-neutrino interactions.

1967-1980 Quantum nature of electromagnetic fields: renormalization in QED (calculation of the higher order corrections), coherence properties of the electromagnetic radiation, nonlinear quantum effects in photon propagation ( magnetic vacuum birefringence, photon splitting).

1976-1990 Interactions of atoms with intense light: above threshold ionization, light shift, population trapping, collective excitations of many-electron atoms, excitations of multilevel atoms.

1990-2005 Properties of photons and light beams: angular distribution of photons emitted spontaneously, spontaneous emission of photons in cavities, reconstruction of phase, properties of beams carrying angular momentum.

1996-2005 Special properties of simple quantum mechanical systems: nonspreading particle wave packets (Trojan states) in atoms and molecules, rotational frequency shift, motion of vortices in quantum mechanics, in electromagnetic field, and in BEC, squeezing of electromagnetic field.

Recently: emission and propagation of light in time varying media.

Most important results:

1. Theoretical demonstration, that light emitted by atoms in a superradiant state is coherent in Glauber’s sense.
2. Dynamical explanation of the observed above threshold ionization.
3. First correct calculation of the probability of photon splitting in magnetized
4. Prediction of the effect named “rotational frequency shift” in the radiation emitted by quantum systems without rotational symmetry.


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